Industrial Firefighter Training Series Released by Action Training Systems

  Industrial fire brigades provide the first line of defense against fires at nuclear power plants, coal plants and many other industrial sites with industrial-sized hazards. Members of these firefighting forces at one of Nebraska’s nuclear power...

The second series teaches to the advanced exterior and interior structural levels of NFPA 1081. The programs provide step-by-step demonstrations for using personal protective clothing, SCBA, hoselines, ladders, search and rescue techniques, access and forcible entry equipment and techniques, water supply, ventilation, foam operations and the basic techniques for controlling interior and exterior industrial fires, including tank fires.

Action Training Systems is a multimedia development company and worldwide leader in providing innovative training systems for emergency responders. The company provides quality video demonstrations on DVD and interactive computer-based training (CBT) programs and simulator programs on the Iluminar Learning Management System (LMS) software platform. All programs are reviewed by renowned subject matter experts aiding in content creation through the production of multimedia training tools, which is why ATS is renowned for its exceptional real life content.

Action Training Systems produces training programs for firefighters in the private and public sector based on nationally accepted training standards and only uses real industrial fire brigade and fire department personnel to ensure the integrity and authenticity of the skills that are demonstrated and captured on video. Other training systems include municipal firefighter training, EMS, HAZMAT, Fire Service Rescue, The Essentials of Fire Fighting and more. For more information, visit