MN8 Products Partners with GlowZone For Advanced Photoluminescent Products


(Cincinnati, OH) March 16, 2011 – Cincinnati-based MN8 Products, a leading distributor and developer of high performance glow-in-the-dark products for the fire safety industry, today announced a sales, marketing and development agreement with Southern California-based GlowZone, where MN8’s firefighter accessory products will be powered by GlowZone’s advanced photoluminescent technology. The two companies will also work together to develop new firefighter safety accessories.

As a firefighter owned and managed company, MN8 Products develops and markets firefighter safety products under the Foxfire™ brand name including do-it-yourself illuminating glow kits for axes, ladders, halligan bars and other tools, and glow-in-the-dark helmet bands. MN8’s Foxfire products will use glow technology developed by GlowZone and tested by firefighters.

GlowZone’s photoluminescent technology utilizes crystals that possess the unique capacity to absorb and store light. This light is emitted as an intense glow in the darkness. When combined with firefighter accessories this glow provides firefighters with three key benefits – locating dropped tools in a dark environment, illuminating a search area to better enable firefighters to keep track of crews and find victims, and provide a visual reference point to increase a firefighter’s positional orientation.

“This agreement with GlowZone is an excellent opportunity for MN8 to work closely with one of the most experienced and innovative companies in the field of photoluminescent technology,” said Zachary Green, president of MN8 Products. “This synergistic relationship with GlowZone allows us to grow and expand our portfolio of innovative products that will continue to improve the safety of firefighting."

“GlowZone’s technology has been recognized by numerous firefighters for its ability to add a valuable safety element to a dangerous environment. We are excited to work with MN8 Products to bring this technology to more firefighters across the country,” said Joe Bloomfield, president and CEO of GlowZone, Inc. “We also look forward to working with MN8 Products to develop helpful, new products to serve firefighters.” A leader in photoluminescence research and development, GlowZone brings two advanced technologies to MN8’s Foxfire product line up. As the first company to ever successfully suspend photoluminescent crystals in various carriers, GlowZone can add photoluminescence to a variety of production capabilities such as powder coating, rubberizing, painting and more. This technology enables Foxfire’s illuminating glow kits to glow for up to 17 hours when fully charged by any light source.

The second technology GlowZone brings to MN8’s products is a patented color blending capability that produces high quality photoluminescent materials in bright daytime colors and different glow colors. This is particularly significant for products where color is an important differentiator where different colors can identify different roles and responsibilities on the fire-ground.

MN8 and GlowZone are currently developing and testing new firefighter safety accessory products.

About MN8 Products

MN8 Products is a firefighter owned company offering energy efficient and eco-friendly illumination technology. MN8’s product offerings, developed for the firefighting industry, are marketed under the name Foxfire™. The company is headquartered in Loveland, Ohio, located in the northeastern suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio. For more information, visit

About GlowZone

A recognized global industry leader in photoluminescent technology, GlowZone’s years of research, development and manufacturing has led the company to develop and commercialize significant advances in photoluminorescent technology.

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