IMS Alliance Announces New Incident Management Video Training

Seattle, WA - February 2011 - IMS Alliance has introduced a new video training DVD to complement their industry leading Incident Command Management Solutions & Passport Accountability System®.

IMS Alliances new training video will improve on-scene organization, maintain safety and accountability, and simplify overall scene operations to assist your Incident Commander in managing small or large-scale incidents.

As an Incident Manager, if you don't know who is there, where they are, and what they are doing, exactly what have you been "managing?" This training video will provide a comprehensive guide on best practices for utilizing the PASSPORT Accountability System® as well as strategic tools that work in tandem with the PASSPORT Accountability System®. IMS Alliances proactive accountability system has been designed to help make sure fire fighters do not become missing and help ensure that it will always be a round-trip back to the fire station.