Ferrara Now Offering EVT Classes and Exams

Holden, LA - Ferrara Fire Apparatus, Inc., America's premier custom fire apparatus manufacturer, announced today they are now authorized by the EVT Certification Commission, Inc. to conduct EVT Fire Apparatus Technician certification classes and tests. The initial classes and exams offered at Ferrara will consist of F1 Inspection, Maintenance & Testing of Fire Apparatus; F2 Design & Performance Standards of Fire Apparatus; and F3 Fire Pumps & Accessories.

"We have offered tuition-free service and maintenance classes here at our Holden factory for several years," commented President/CEO Chris Ferrara. "The addition of EVT classes only makes sense for us.

"Firefighters and fire officers have an enormous selection for continuing education that makes them better at their job and puts them on a track for career progression. Until EVTCC came along, there really was no avenue for fire apparatus technicians to obtain similar educational opportunities. It not only benefits the service techs directly, it also makes for a safer work atmosphere for firefighters when they are able to work with properly maintained equipment. One of our priorities here at Ferrara Fire Apparatus is to constantly enhance the level of firefighter safety. Our ability to offer EVT classes and exams fits well with that tenet."

For complete information on the EVT organization and certification process, you can visit their web site at www.evtcc.org. For specific information on Ferrara's Holden based training classes, go to www.ferrarafire.com/CustomerSupport/Training.html or call Robin Hurst at 800-443-9006.

About Ferrara Fire Apparatus

Ferrara Fire Apparatus provides a complete line of fire and emergency vehicles, including their Inferno, Igniter, Ember and Intruder 2 custom chassis; pumpers and tankers; rear and mid-mount aerial ladders and platforms; rescue and incident command vehicles; Inundator industrial apparatus, law enforcement vehicles and the Strong Arm fire rescue vehicle. A leading safety innovator in the industry, Ferrara takes pride in offering such firefighter safety items as On-Site Tilt Table Testing, Independent Front Suspension, Complete Airbag Protection, SmartWheel steering systems, and Crash Tested Cabs and Bodies. To date, Ferrara is the only fire apparatus manufacturer to load test their fire body to the same standard as the personnel cab.