Mobile Fire Rescue Receives 7 E-ONE Apparatus


Ocala, FL (December 22, 2010) – Mobile Fire Rescue Department receives seven new E-ONE units after completing a defect-free final inspection on the five new custom pumpers and two HP 78 aerial ladders.

“I’ve ordered ambulances before but this was my first time ordering engines, so I was a bit nervous about spending $3 million of our tax payers’ money, but we had a great experience,” Deputy Chief Don Meyers said this week after his visit to the plant. “The plants were clean and organized with obvious flow in their manufacturing processes, the employees were very friendly and genuinely helpful. At the end of all seven inspections, the trucks were defect free and we were able to ring the bell in the delivery center.”

The ringing of the bell signifies defect-free apparatus and departments are invited to ring the bell at the end of a final inspection resulting in a zero-defect unit. And around E-ONE, hearing the bells has become common practice.

“We have more than tripled the number of zero-defect trucks leaving the plant in the last year” said Peter Guile, president and CEO of E-ONE. “Our goal is to build the best quality apparatus available, which will serve our customers and their communities for years to come. We are proud to have built seven custom trucks, defect-free, for Mobile FRD.”

Along with a quality product and a great on-site experience, Deputy Chief Meyers and the MFRD credit their local dealer for making this multi-truck purchase a memorable one.

“Thomas McLendon and his staff at Sunbelt have walked us through this entire process and we have truly enjoyed their family atmosphere,” Meyers said. “Although we are unlikely to make another purchase this size anytime soon, our department certainly knows they are in good hands with Sunbelt and E-ONE.”

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As a leading manufacturer of first responder vehicles, E-ONE engineers, manufactures and markets mission-critical vehicles including custom and commercial pumpers tankers, Water Master vacuum tankers, aerial ladders and platforms, command and communication apparatus, quick attack units, industrial trucks, and aircraft rescue firefighting vehicles. The company sells its products world-wide and is headquartered in Ocala, Florida. E-ONE is an ISO 9001 registered and CCC certified manufacturer. For more information, visit