Escambia County EMS And Fire-Rescue Rely On Telestaff As Thousands Converge On Pensacola Bay To Clean Up After Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

IRVINE, Calif. – July 12, 2010 – Principal Decision Systems International (PDSI), the leader in public safety employee scheduling and communication solutions, wishes to acknowledge the contributions of Escambia County Emergency Medical Services...

"We were just trying to get a fire roster so we could call them ourselves and a print out of their schedule, because we needed more personnel to cover the shifts," said Weaver. "But we were told there was a much easier and more equitable way. Now, with TeleStaff, we are staffing two weeks out, which means a great deal in terms of planning and notifying staff so they can coordinate with their regular shifts or secure childcare. These are critically important shifts. Without us, there is no work that can be done." 

Now, Escambia County can focus on the job at hand – treating clean up crews for any medical issues, including heat stroke, exhaustion, dehydration, emergencies or other injuries.

"TeleStaff has been able to relieve the stress and workload that four people were trying to manage at the same time as their normal work day duties," said Lt. Stephen Boothe, of Escambia Fire-Rescue. "It is definitely working."

Since 1997, PDSI has been delivering TeleStaff, an automated employee scheduling and communication solution as a 100% commercial-off-the-shelf product to public safety organizations such as fire, EMS, law enforcement and corrections.  Currently, TeleStaff supports nearly 600 public safety customers in North America.  Through patented scheduling technology capable of incorporating rules, policies and procedures, built-in communication features and self-service employee access, TeleStaff streamlines scheduling organization-wide, while controlling costs and ensuring compliance with collective bargaining agreements, labor laws and other agency policies.  For more information, call TeleStaff's Sales Department at (800) 850-7374 or visit

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