TetraKO Next Generation Class A Water Additive Conducts First Wildfire Airdrop Trials

Minneapolis, Minn. (October 5, 2010) – EarthClean Corporation, a Minnesota-based start-up company, successfully completed a series of airdrop tests of its TetraKO Class A water additive with Fire Boss LLC of South Saint Paul, Minn., manufacturers of the Fire Boss initial attack fire suppression system. Testing included three separate trials of TetraKO released from the aircraft tank, including a Level 1 coverage drop, a Level 3 coverage drop and, finally, a Full Salvo coverage drop. A video of the test is available at www.tetraKO.com

“More effective and environmentally responsible wildland firefighting is a huge challenge for the fire service, and this is an application where we believe TetraKO holds tremendous potential,” said Doug Ruth, EarthClean Corporation founder and CEO. “This aerial application test for TetraKO is an important event as we continue to commercialize this new, biodegradable and non-toxic firefighting gel. TetraKO, teamed with the Fire Boss aircraft, shows promise for quick aerial attack of wildfires before they spread out of control.”

“We conducted three drops today, and the results, even in difficult conditions with a 90-degree crosswind, were positive,” said Jamie Sargent, Fire Boss LLC vice president of sales. “The TetraKO gel had good distribution and clung to the grass and small bushes. The results were positive, and the next step is to do more formal testing.”

Unlike first generation gels, traditional Class A foam or compressed air foam (CAF), TetraKO is a biodegradable and patented Class A water additive that transforms ordinary water into an adhering liquid that can be pumped through standard fire equipment. The product has proven to be far superior because its proprietary dual thickening agent allows it to adhere and stay where applied. When heated by fire, TetraKO becomes even thicker and releases a dense steam, dramatically aiding in fire suppression. TetraKO is the first water additive that uses no super absorbent polymers.

TetraKO has been independently tested and certified for biodegradability and toxicity, using EPA and internationally recognized Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) standards.

About EarthClean Corporation
EarthClean Corporation is a Minnesota-based start-up company whose mission is to develop and introduce environmentally friendly and biodegradable technologies that help firefighters attack, suppress and contain fires. A team of engineers, scientists and firefighters developed the company’s first product, TetraKO next generation Class A water additive. Visit www.tetraKO.com for more information and to see the product in action.

About Fire Boss
The Fire Boss aircraft is a unique single engine attack tanker built to fight forest and wildland/urban interface fires. Capable of rapid cycle times carrying a maximum load of 800 usg per cycle this innovative amphibious aircraft incorporates a scooping system to collect full water loads from lakes or rivers in 12 to 15 seconds. With airspeeds of 150 mph the Fire Boss delivers superior firefighting capacity unequalled by aircraft costing far more.