Ferrara Displaying Two New Apparatus at Interschutz

Holden, LA – Ferrara Fire Apparatus, Inc., America's premier custom fire apparatus manufacturer, is displaying two new fire apparatus at Interschutz in Leipzig, Germany.  The vehicles are a Ferrara Strong Arm built for the People's Republic of China and the latest generation of the well known Inundator industrial foam pumper.  Interschutz, held once every five years, is the world's largest fire service trade show.

Although Ferrara has marketed the Inundator for several years, the new Interschutz model features a FoamPro Accumax injection foam system, Williams Fire & Hazard Ambassador 4000 GPM monitor with Hydro-Chem nozzle, two TFT Monsoon 2000 GPM rear body monitors, four 5" discharges and Ferrara's heavy duty Igniter custom chassis.  This Inundator actually assisted in putting out a fire before it was 100% complete.  When a chemical warehouse located in a Baton Rouge suburb became engulfed by a massive fire on March 30, Ferrara responded by taking the Inundator off the production line and putting it into service to help extinguish the blaze.

The Ferrara Strong Arm is making a repeat visit to Interschutz.  This year's model, bound for the People's Republic of China along with 3 sister vehicles, is an excellent fire apparatus for this show, according to Ferrara's International Sales Director, Jonathan Carroll. "Exhibiting at Interschutz for the second time shows that our company is a global leader in custom fire apparatus production.  The Ferrara Strong Arm has been recognized by fire fighters world wide as an innovative tool in saving the lives of fire fighters and the citizens they protect."

Chris Ferrara, President/CEO of Ferrara Fire Apparatus, added to Carroll's comments. “Yes, the Ferrara Strong Arm has been an international vehicle.  Our prior sales have all been in the global market.  We determined, after meeting with several large US fire departments, that the reluctance among the US fire service has been the absence of a water tank.  We now have a model available that will accommodate an NFPA 300 gallon tank, so we're anticipating adding sales here in the states."

Ferrara Fire Apparatus provides a complete line of fire and emergency vehicles.  In addition to the Inundator and Strong Arm, their apparatus includes the Inferno, Igniter, Ember and Intruder 2 custom chassis; pumpers and tankers; rear and mid-mount aerial ladders and platforms; and heavy rescue, incident command and law enforcement vehicles.  A leading safety innovator in the industry, Ferrara takes pride in offering such firefighter safety items as MVP Pumpers, Aerials and Heavy Rescues; On-Site Tilt Table Testing; Independent Front Suspension; Complete Airbag Protection; SmartWheel steering systems and Crash Tested Cabs and Bodies.  To date, Ferrara is the only fire apparatus manufacturer to load test their fire body to the same standard as the personnel cab.