eDispatches Launches ‘Priority Blast’ Notification Feature

eDispatches, provided by Penguin Communications, LLC is proud to announce the launch of "Priority Blast". This feature allows selected personnel within an emergency agency to call a "hotline", enter user identification and leave a voice message to be immediately sent out to an entire department as a cellular phone call. It is an ideal secondary notification system in the event a dispatch center becomes disabled or an urgent message is necessary for a full department. Currently, many emergency agencies resort to having to make numerous phone calls to alert members during dire circumstances. PRIORITY BLAST will now make it easy and is available as a low-cost add-on to existing eDispatches services or as an affordable low-cost stand alone option.

PRIORITY BLAST joins this list of exciting, reliable services from eDispatches:

  • Voice Notification - Your exact FIRE/EMS/POLICE audio dispatch relayed to your cellular device or landline
  • Text Notification - Receive a text indicating your department has a call in progress and call a "hotline" to hear your exact audio dispatch
  • Streaming Audio - Monitor your department's radio traffic from any smart phone or place the link on your website

Please contact the eDispatches sales staff for additional information: P: 973-453-5810 x5555 E: sales@edispatches.com