New Hale 1Touch Switch Allows Firefighters to Control Critical Loads at a Glance

CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa. (August 24, 2010) — Hale, the industry leader in fire and rescue equipment, has launched its 1Touch Switch. This electronic device is a replacement to traditional industry switches, which control various electrical loads on fire trucks. When using the 1Touch switch, firefighters can determine and alter the status of electrical loads faster and easier than with traditional switches.

“The 1Touch creates more streamlined and efficient fire engine operations,” said Bruce Lear, Hale’s vice president of sales and marketing. “The 1-Touch is the most reliable switch of its kind and safer equipment results in better protection for firefighters.”

When coupled with the Class1 ES-Key Multiplexing System, the 1Touch Switch Panel provides firefighters with more functionality from each individual switch. Dual indicators and multi-colored switch lenses make it the most functional and intuitive switch on the market. The excellent tactile feedback makes the 1Touch easy to use with a gloved hand.  

The 1Touch switch panels’ sealed design makes it suitable for in the cab use or the rugged environment of the outer pump panel.  Each button is fully programmable to 6 different switch types including a dimmer. Indicators are also fully programmable, providing a quick visual indication of switch states. The dual indicators may also be set to flash, providing additional information to operators. The switches, along with function labels, also have adjustable backlighting to help firefighters see them in the dark.

The 1Touch Switch includes:

• 12V and 24V compatible;
• Industry standard Deutsch connector;
• Sealed to IP67;
• Backlit switches with excellent tactile feedback;
• Custom switch labels and overlay;
• Fully-programmable configurations;
• Bright dual-action indicators;
• Available in 4 switch (2 pairs), 8 switch (4 pairs), 12 switch (6 pairs) and 16 switch (8 pairs); and
• Direct valve control with four-position switch.

To schedule an interview with a Hale representative or to learn more about the 1Touch Switch, contact Debra Yemenijian at (610) 269-2100, ext. 224, or

About Hale
Hale, based in Conshohocken, Pa., is a fire and rescue equipment company founded in 1914 by three Pennsylvania firefighters who believed they could build a better fire pump. Today, the company has grown through new product innovation and strategic acquisitions to supply pump modules, compressed air foam systems, electronic controls and valves. For more information, visit