Council Tool Introduces New Halligan Tool for Forcible Entry

LAKE WACCAMAW, N.C. – August 2010 – Council Tool introduces the new Halligan forcible entry tool to its firefighting tool line.

The one-piece tool features a fork (claw) end with an adze (blade) and awl (pry bar) on the other end; both ends are designed for ideal leverage during forcible entry applications. The Halligan tool also has two forged-in holes to allow the use of straps or rope. The strap holes are part of the one-piece, forged construction ensuring they will not loosen or break.

The forcible entry tool is drop-forged from alloy steel giving it maximum strength for firefighters and safety forces. The Halligan tool’s working ends are heat-treated for extra strength and wear resistance. 

“Council’s forcible-entry tool is the strongest professional-grade Halligan on the market because of the one-piece design and because it is drop-forged from the toughest alloy steel,” said Margo Council, manager, fire and export accounts at Council Tool. “We are proud to add this tool to our already high-quality line of hand tools.”

The multipurpose tool is designed for effective prying, striking and punching through obstacles. It is also perfect for breaking windows, ventilating roofs and forcing open doors.

The Halligan tool comes in two sizes: the 30-inch length Halligan weighing 10.5 pounds and the 36-inch length Halligan weighing 12 pounds.

Founded in 1886, Council Tool offers an extensive line of high-quality hand tools, including axes, striking tools, forged bars, shrubbing tools, picks, mattocks, digging tools, wood-splitting tools, C-clamps and a variety of specialty tools.

For additional information on Council Tool’s firefighting tools, please contact: The Council Tool Company Inc., 345 Pecan Lane, P.O. Box 165, Lake Waccamaw, N.C. 28450-0165. Telephone: 910.646.3011. Fax: 910.646.4414. Web: