Bullard Launches New Distributor Locator for Eclipse

Bullard has launched a NEW Distributor Locator for the Eclipse Risk Free Trial Offer (RFTO) program. By visiting www.bullardeclipse.com you can quickly and easily locate an Eclipse distributor in your area and take advantage of this unique opportunity to experience first-hand the benefits of the industry's first personal-issue thermal imager. Once you access the site, just complete the information form, submit it, and then choose a distributor near you.

The RFTO program, exclusively for the Eclipse, allows you to:

Purchase an Eclipse,

Evaluate it for 30 days, and if not satisfied,

Return it for a full refund.

Bullard is the first manufacturer to offer a risk-free thermal imaging program to the fire service. Since its release in April 2009, the Eclipse has revolutionized how firefighters attack a fire scene.

The Eclipse is the first low-cost, lightweight, ultra-small, thermal imager designed for every firefighter. Weighing 1.5 pounds, the Eclipse is a navigational thermal imager featuring quality imagery, 1000°F dynamic range, temperature measurement and high heat colorization.

Visit www.bullardeclipse.com for your risk-free Eclipse today!