Scott Introduces EZ-Scape Integrated Self-Rescue Belts

DATELINE (April 16, 2010) – Firefighters risk their lives every day, entering intense and unpredictable situations from house fires to plant explosions. While any emergency can be dangerous, there's far more potential for injury in multiple story buildings where the path of escape may become blocked or impassable.   It is for these high-rise emergency situations that Scott Health & Safety is announcing the launch of EZ-Scape™ integrated self-rescue belts–a full line of escape rescue devices for users of Scott's Air-Pak® SCBA.

"When a ceiling collapses or a room flashes over, the nearest window can quickly become a firefighter's only escape, but when it's three or more stories off the ground, it's dangerous or even impossible to get out," says John Dinning, Scott NFPA Air Supplied Product Line Manager. "That's why we are offering the EZ-Scape line of integrated self-rescue belts–to give firefighters, who use a Scott Air-Pak SCBA every day, a reliable means of escape from the potential dangers of fighting fires in a high-rise building."

The belts are available in four models to suit any department's needs or preferences and offer more options than any other self-rescue device available today.  Each belt can be equipped with either 50' or 75' of life safety rope and, depending on the style, are either T-SAFE or Kevlar® rated for at least a 4,000 lb. static load.  Particular models include an additional loop to carry an axe or other tool and a multi-purpose strap that is ideal for dragging a downed firefighter to safety.

Unique to the Scott system is the hand brake, which is designed to allow a firefighter to control his descent by squeezing the device to release the brake.  If conditions on the ground require a firefighter to slow or stop during the descent, the brake automatically will stop the firefighter if the brake is not released.  Braking does not require constant pressure on the device or hands-on operation to maintain position until the ground is cleared as other systems require.  If re-entry is possible on a lower floor, the firefighter can work hands-free to break a window and enter the floor without having to hold the rope to maintain his position.

"Firefighters need their hands and arms free to not only climb out of the window to escape, but to find the easiest and quickest way to safety, which can be through a window below them or down to the ground," Mr. Dinning adds. "Escaping a burning building is tough enough.  We didn't want to offer a product that requires them to control their own descent or stop by holding onto the rope."

Anchoring the belt to a permanent fixture in the room is a durable, forged-alloy steel Crosby Hook that's designed to fit around pipes or the framework found in most apartments and office building.

The belt assemblies are made of Kevlar webbing to meet the rigorous demands of NFPA 1981, 2007 edition standards when used on the Air-Pak 75™ and Air-Pak NxG7™ SCBAs.  In addition, the integrated self-rescue devices are compliant to the NFPA 1983, 2006 edition standards.  EZ-Scape self-rescue belts are available with all new Scott Air-Pak SCBA models and can easily be retrofitted to all existing NFPA 1981, 2007 and 2002 edition Air-Pak SCBAs in service.

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