Because You Love Them! Will Partner with First Responders Nationwide to Donate Pet Oxygen Mask Equipment


EUGENE, Ore. – March 2, 2011 – According to the National Volunteer Fire Council, home fires affect 500,000 pets each and every year. Many times first responders are missing the critical emergency equipment to provide care to these victims of fire. Because You Love Them!, a notification service for pet caregivers and the In Case of Emergency (ICE) contact, will partner with first responders nationwide to provide equipment in the time of need. “We care deeply about pets and wanted to make sure that they are taken care of in the event of an emergency – both from an equipment standpoint and a caregiver standpoint,” said Gene Tresenfeld, founder of Because You Love Them! “That’s why we have chosen donating pet oxygen masks as our give back to the pet loving community.” Because You Love Them! will donate five sets of pet oxygen masks for every 100 standard service subscriptions at their website. The pet oxygen masks actually fit pets and thus enable emergency teams really to help pets that are the victims of disasters like fires. Because You Love Them! is an innovative new service that ensures that pets, as well as their owners, are cared for in the time of an emergency. Just like the ICE contact notification system, the Because You Love Them! service allows pet owners to designate pet caregivers in the event of something unexpected happening to the owner - an accident, health emergency or death of the pet owner. At the time of an emergency, first responders or the hospital will easily locate the recognizable, durable ID card and then call the Because You Love Them! 800 number. Operators will be standing by 24/7 ready to help. They will pull up the person's profile and then call, and keep calling, the ICE contact and the designated pet caregivers. “First responders need only make one phone call. That takes care of contacting the ICE and alleviating concern the person would have for their pet(s),” Tresenfeld said. “Also, if the person is on a trip, we'll even let the pet sitter or kennel/cattery know there is a problem and then call them back to advise which caregiver will pick up the pet.” For a limited number of "original subscribers", Because You Love Them! is offering a pre-launch savings: a 30-month subscription for the price of a 12-month subscription. That’s a $125 value on the $50 (singles or couples) annual membership fee. For more information about the service, or to sign up for the special pre-launch offer, please check out their website at

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