EVT Students Produce Rebuilt Midship Pump for Florida Fire Company

CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa. (June 4, 2010) – Fire companies across the United States struggle to get the funds needed to keep their aging fire apparatus in peak performance condition. Recently, Hale found a way to help while teaching a hands-on course on pump mechanics at the Emergency Vehicle Technician (EVT) Training Academy in Florida in May. At the end of the training, 144 technicians were tested for EVT certifications, which is the largest group yet to take the EVT exams at one time anywhere in the United States.

During the week-long academy organized by the Florida Fire Chiefs Association and held at the Advanced Technology College in Daytona Beach, Hale provided classroom training on the care, operation and maintenance of the Hale midship pump. Classroom training was followed by hands-on sessions to rebuild a malfunctioning pump for the City of Clearwater fire department. The pump had serious tolerance issues in the area of the pump shaft, packing and clearance rings.

Hale instructors guided trainees through a successful fire pump overhaul, and returned the refurbished pump that passed certification testing to NFPA safety standards back to the City of Clearwater’s fire department, re-powering the pump to original standards.

"Hale is a respected leader in the fire industry and always delivers an impressive curriculum that thoroughly prepares trainees to take the EVT exam," said Jeff Blewett, director of meetings and events for the Florida Fire Chiefs Association. "To also help out one of our local fire companies by rebuilding a pump is a huge bonus. Hale does this several times a year because they are committed to improving firefighter safety."

Additional training elements included:

For more information about the academy, visit www.faevt.org. For more information on EFT training and certification, visit www.evt.org.

About Hale
Hale, based in Conshohocken, Pa., is a fire and rescue equipment company founded in 1914 by three Pennsylvania firefighters who believed they could build a better fire pump. Today, the company has grown through new product innovation and strategic acquisitions to supply pump modules, compressed air foam systems, electronic controls and valves. For more information, visit www.haleproducts.com.