Rescue 42, Inc. Introduces the VAULT to Fire and Rescue Departments

(Chico, CA) – Rescue 42, Inc. debuted its latest product line, the VAULT™, at FDIC 2010 in Indianapolis, IN, to high praise for its innovative design and functionality.

The VAULT™ (Vehicle Attached Utility Load Transporter) is a hitch mounted, mobile accessory unit that is easily transported on any class III or IV trailer hitch. The VAULT's™ running gear is suspended off the ground during transportation eliminating the need for trailer licensing and registration. When it arrives at your destination, the running gear descends and the entire unit rolls into place on "never flat" tires designed to handle any terrain. Its simple mobility allows you to easily roll the VAULT through doorways, and onto escalators and elevators. The VAULT™ is made of light-weight but sturdy aluminum that carries everything from hoses to computers. With departments downsizing and decreasing manpower, the VAULT™ adds extra space without need for more vehicles.

The VAULT™ General Purpose Box provides safe, secure and convenient storage for all your Fire and Rescue equipment. Perfect for confined space equipment, surplus hose lines, and extra cribbing the VAULT™ General Purpose Box can store rarely used and bulky equipment out of the way in a garage or right on the back of a truck. The weather resistant design and locking diamond plate top ensure your gear stays safe and secure no matter where your VAULT™ is stored. In addition to its impressive 15 cubic feet of storage space, the General Purpose Box is light-weight at one-third the weight of steel. "Since we're using American aluminum instead of steel, we can put more equipment in the box rather than wasting the payload capacity on the box itself," says Tim O'Connell, Rescue 42 owner.

The VAULT™ S.C.B.A. Cylinder Carrier is a protected and convenient cylinder storage box. The carrier safely transports cylinders directly to staging areas or air refill stations. It is narrow enough to be rolled into high-rise buildings, through doorways and up escalators and elevators. With S.C.B.A. replacements so close to a scene, firefighters will not need to carry two cylinders at a time. The S.C.B.A. Cylinder Carrier's compact size is not only easy to store, but it does not take up any extra space on already packed rescue vehicles. The carrier is a convenient space-saving upgrade for every fire department. Mr. O'Connell highlights, "The S.C.B.A. Cylinder Carrier is ideal for minimizing bottle damage, lessening firefighter loads, and reducing replacement times, especially since it can be attached to any vehicle with a trailer hitch and rolled literally anywhere."

The VAULT™ Incident Command Post and other models coming soon!

Additional information about VAULT™ and distribution opportunities can be found at or by calling Rescue 42 toll free at (888) 427-3728 / (530) 891-3473.