iPhone Application Speeds up Pump Calculations

Rocket Science Consulting of Casper, Wyoming announces the release of FirePump, an iPhone app created by a firefighter/engineer, for engineers.  FirePump uses Apple’s “scroll wheel” methodology to speed up equations. What might take you three or four minutes on an Akron calculator takes you only 15 seconds with FirePump.

FirePump computes pump discharge pressures for a myriad of hose lays quickly and easily - single attack line, long attack line with reducer, siamese, trimese, manifold, and wye/hotel packs, giving the engineer pump discharge pressures and nozzle reaction for all calculations. Running a portable monitor up a hill 500' away?  No problem.  What about a 4-discharge manifold from 1000' of 5"?  Just as easy.  Have to shut in two lines on the manifold?  FirePump tells you what to dial back your pump to so you can maintain safe nozzle pressures.

Use FirePump to calculate foam and water volumes for spill and tank fires, both hydrocarbon and polar solvent. Great for pre-planning, or municipal departments responding to storage depots, terminals and refineries. Is your department more conservative than NFPA 11?  Change foam application times to 70 minutes, 80 minutes, whatever you like - FirePump compensates, giving you total foam and water needs to start the evolution.  FirePump even tells you surface area and volume of the tank, how full the tank can safely be before you start, and how many feet of foam you're going to flow into the tank, all off three variables you can obtain on scene.

FirePump alerts the engineer to overpressure situations, preventing personnel injury and equipment damage.  Running a high-pressure pump?  Change the high-limit value for YOUR apparatus and always be sure you're running safely.  Pre-planning a new multistory structure in your district?  Know what apparatus must respond based on pump capacity.  Working overtime in another station?  Change the high-limit value again for that specific pump in 5 seconds, only with FirePump.

Enter specific pressure loss values for appliances, or use the NFPA recommendations.  No matter whether your department uses 5psi, 10psi or specific pressures for individual appliances, you're in compliance with your department's procedures and guidelines.

Calculate water needs with both the Iowa and NFA formulae - quickly determine what other resources you need based on structure size as soon as you arrive on scene, or use it in pre-planning.

Day/night mode toggled easily - save your night vision at the pump panel!

FirePump is great for engineering students too. Hose calculations are accompanied by a left-to-right, pump-to-nozzle diagram, keeping the process linear and reducing errors.  Also allows theoretical calculations to aid in learning pump behavior - want to pump 2000gpm through 500' of 1" hose?  FirePump will let you calculate it, then tell you when you've exceeded the rated safe pressure for your pump.

Rocket Science Consulting is a one-man show, a project run by Jason Whaley.  He is a Physician Assistant, a Firefighter/Engineer, a toxicology advisor to his fire department’s HAZMAT team, and motivated guy.

RSCI is offering 3 copies of FirePump FREE until 9/1/2010.  For more information, please see our app page on the iTunes App Store at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/firepump/id386663173?mt=8, on the iTunes Preview website at http://bit.ly/at96f0 or contact Jason Whaley of Rocket Science at appsupport@rsci.us.