ASURiO Inspection Systems Introduces New Version of Its Mobile Inspections Software


BOULDER, Colo., Jan. 18, 2010- ASURiO Inspections Systems (, a leading provider of inspections technology for the collection and management of data captured in the field to manage compliance, risk and asset management, today announced a major new release of its core product, ASURiO Mobile 3.0, as well as two additional products that augment the productivity of ASURiO Mobile users: ASURiO Fire Panel Import Utility and ASURiO AspectExpert. Together, these products can enhance the productivity of inspection technicians dramatically while improving overall efficiency of the inspections process for inspections companies and departments, and fire and life-safety inspections.

ASURiO Mobile 3.0 has been upgraded with several new features that enhance the inspections process. Highlights include:

In addition to the release update, ASURiO has created two new product modules with significant new functionality:

AspectExpert Database - Until now, inspectors of fire and life safety equipment would be required to manually document or electronically enter all characteristics of that equipment: manufacturer, model number, weight, voltage, pressure, etc. ASURiO has created a dynamic, manufacturer database which automates the recognition of virtually any equipment immediately upon scan of a manufacturer bar code, or entry of a model number. This is a hosted database, which automatically will collect this data for reuse by ASURiO customers over time as they read and enter data about the products they inspect such as manufacturer, model, capacity, weight, voltage, etc. As more of this data is entered, the database will recognize the most likely item from the current database and present that to users entering model numbers for faster selection and data entry.

Fire Panel Import Utility - Over the past 30-40 years, manufacturers of fire panels have built and sold hundreds of models that contain an electronic file of the alarm devices attached to it. Reading and reporting on this data is both painstaking and time consuming; previously, technicians would manually identify and document (typically in a spreadsheet) all the information and devices connected to a building fire panel or panels. They would then spend hours converting that plus their test data into a polished report for the customer owning that building. The Fire Panel Import Utility automates the import and format of Fire Panel data into NFPA72 reports, allowing a technician to extract the electronic file that resides on most of these panels containing all the data they need and map it to appropriate devices in an NFPA72 report - thus automating the entire reporting process which can be as much as 25-50% of the effort. This frees up technicians to focus more on inspecting and deficiency correction rather than report creation.

"This release represents the largest 2010 investment ASURiO is making in assuring that our users are more efficient and accurate in the field. We've 'married' customer feedback with leading-edge technology to solve this last automation problem," said ASURiO CEO, Frank Hightower.

About ASURiO Inspection Systems:
ASURiO Inspection Systems offers an electronic system that automates and accelerates the process of gathering data in the field, for any type of inspection. The system then automates the management, sharing, and reporting of that data (for compliance with regulations, risk management, or asset management). ASURiO's inspection system is proven in the field and currently is being used by three of the top five fire and life-safety inspections companies in the United States, and a host of more modestly sized firms in the same industry. The system also works equally well in other industries that require inspections work, such as hospitals, colleges & universities, and government facilities, to name a few. ASURiO Inspection Systems can be reached at: (303) 444-1395, or

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