Waterway, the country's largest and fastest growing Fire Hose and Ladder Testing Company has appointed new franchisees in Illinois and Florida, effectively enabling the Company to service virtually the whole East Coast and much of the Mid West through its franchise network.

Tom Foley is the new franchisee in Illinois and is a fire-fighter/ paramedic with the Palos Fire Protection District, Chicago.Originally a POC fire-fighter/EMT, Tom attended Oklahoma State University Fire Protection and Safety Technology, after which he was recruited by the Chicago Fire Department. Currently Tom is the EMS co-coordinator and an active member of the Underwater Search and Rescue team.

"I am thrilled to be the first Waterway franchisee in Illinois" says Foley.” It’s a great Company hell-bent on bringing their state of the art service to Fire Departments throughout the land and everything I've seen so far has demonstrated that they'll accomplish that goal. Their equipment, systems and rigorous on site discipline coupled with a real desire to service Fire Departments as effectively as possible is what they care about".

In Florida, Waterway will be based in Sebring. Owned and run by Greg Stephens, the Franchise will expect to service the whole of Central and Southern Florida.

"I have a great team of firemen" says Greg.” The team will be able to service the annual NFPA testing needs of the Florida Fire Departments without those Departments having to supply any personnel of their own. And it won't cost any more. Our technology and ISO standards mean we can be super-efficient at the whole testing and recording business so we're in and out of there in double quick time and enabling the Chiefs to have 24/7 access to their records.

Waterway, a 20-year-old New Jersey based Company, started offering franchisees to Fire-fighters just three years ago. With 17 franchises appointed in that time, Waterway is now the largest single Fire Hose and Ground Ladder Testing company in the USA. The Company still seeks franchisees in the South and West of the Country so that their goal of a total nationwide service to Fire Departments can be accomplished.

For further information about Waterway contact John Green on 888 999 5838 or visit the website www.waterwayinc.com.