Fire Planning Associates releases Blazemark® Custom High Rise Module

Fire Planning Associates has released its new Blazemark® custom high rise module that addresses the unique preplanning concerns associated with high rises and other complex structures. Now these buildings can be simplified, and critical data cataloged to most effectively and safely manage an incident at a complicated facility.

Blazemark® is an innovative web based software tool used to catalog a building or site’s critical data allowing first responders quick access to the information they need in order to develop a quick action plan, ultimately allowing for a safer and more efficient response. Because Blazemark® is web-based updates are made real time and allowing all users access to consistent data. Pre plans can
easily be shared with mutual aide companies to allow for response team interoperability. In addition Blazemark® allows facility owners to be in compliance with International Fire Codes 1408.1 and 1408.2.

Media Contact:
Bart Krauss
Address: P.O. Box 446, Washington Crossing, PA., 18977
Phone number: 215-321-6260