UPF Unveils New POLY-TANK III Polypropylene Tanks


North Andover, MA: United Plastic Fabricating, Inc. (UPF) of Massachusetts announces the next generation of polypropylene tanks - the POLY-TANK® III. “The Original and Still the Best” POLY-TANK® has been improved with advances in technology unmatched by any other tank manufacturer

The POLY-TANK®III has three new patent pending advancements that distinguishes UPF from the competition. The three new features are:

    •The color coded fill towers identify water and foam towers. A blue tower indicates the water fill tower. The foam towers are identified by the yellow, green and black color coding.

    •The PolyProSeal™ design consists of a sealant material that is placed in a groove between the welded plastic sheets. This sealant prevents water or foam from escaping from the tank should there be a separation in the welds.

    •The Tanknology™ tag provides specific information for each tank in an accessible location on the apparatus. Every tag contains a unique QR code to be scanned using a smart phone. The Tanknology™ tag will allow for the registering of your product, access to product bulletins, the printing of certificates of capacity, the review of engineering information, and the ability to request product literature...just to name a few benefits.

“We focused our initiative on creating the Poly Tank III that is even more reliable than the current Poly-Tank IIE design. We achieved this by incorporating these improvements which are based on customer feedback and testing.” said Michael Ashley, Vice President of Engineering.

For more information please visit www.polytank3.com.