BullEx Digital Safety Introduces GasTrainer

Albany, NY, March 20, 2009 - BullEx Digital Safety today announced the launch of GasTrainer, an innovative gas meter training system designed for firefighters, first responders and safety personnel. This new product offered by BullEx will make its debut at FDIC in Indianapolis, Ind. from April 23 to 25, booth number 2401.

GasTrainer gives trainees the hands-on experience of using a gas meter without creating an actual gas leak. Rather than detecting a real gas, the GasTrainer reads a signal generated by GasSource emitters and displays "gas" levels accordingly. Simulated gas sources can be set up in work areas, chemical storage facilities, and near HVAC equipment where HazMat dangers can actually exist. Students can be trained how different gases behave, how to locate emission sources, and how to establish safety perimeters in the event of a hazard situation.

To create full-scale training scenarios, GasTrainer can be combined with additional BullEx HazMat Training Tools such as the HazMat Placard Kit and HazardTank, a compressed gas cylinder prop with integrated electronics that create a hissing sound effect when the valve is opened.

"Gas detectors are important tools used by first responders and safety professionals to monitor and respond to hazardous materials incidents. With GasTrainer, realistic hands-on gas detector training is now possible" said Ryan O'Donnell, BullEx Chief Executive Officer. "From simulating a natural gas leak in a basement to creating a full scale multi-agency hazmat scenario, BullEx HazMat Training Tools give trainees the hands-on experience they need to be prepared for the real thing."

For a demonstration video and more information on BullEx HazMat Training Tools visit us at http://www.bullexsafety.com/hazmat.aspx.

About BullEx
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