Harrison Hydra-Gen, Ltd. Moves into New Headquarters

Harrison Hydra-Gen, Ltd. has completed the move to their new World Headquarters in Houston, Texas. The new Harrison facility is 25,000 square feet, giving Harrison a total of 37,250 square feet of space. Delta Q Pumps, a Sister Company of Harrison has occupied the former building, allowing them to expand their product line as well.

The new Harrison facilities are located adjacent to the former manufacturing facility, enabling the growth of Both Harrison and Delta Q pumps to utilize either of the buildings. The four test stands located in the two facilities will allow Harrison to continue the growth pattern they have had the past 8-Years with no impact on the Test and R&D process.

"The expansion of the buildings was necessitated by the addition of several high volume customers in the past year" Says President, James Otwell. "With the addition, Harrison is able to increase its production to over 300% of the current capacity."

"Our sales team will now have the backing to continue to bring in high volume customers" Says National Sales Manager, Paul Newton. "With the continued growth of the Oil Industry and many of the utility industries, in addition to our customer base in the Fire Industry, we needed to ensure we could handle the increase of orders from our new customers."

For more information on Harrison Hydra-Gen, Ltd., please visit: www.harrisonhydragen.com/.