Village of Stillwater Benefits from Generosity of Colonie Fire Department


STILLWATER - Last week, the Boght Community Fire District came to the rescue of the Village of Stillwater Fire Department after learning the village needed to replace a 29-year-old fire engine that was damaged beyond repair during a mill fire in Valley Falls in April. The Town of Colonie based fire department sold the Village of Stillwater a used fire engine at a significantly reduced rate, restoring the Stillwater Fire Department to full service.

Boght Community’s initial asking price for the 1987 American Eagle fire engine was $35,000, but after learning of the tight fiscal conditions of the Village of Stillwater and its fire department, the Boght Community Fire District offered to sell the truck for $25,000 and included extra equipment at no additional cost.

Stillwater Fire Chief Shane Mahar negotiated the sale with Assistant Chief Scott St. Denis, and Commissioners Jake Oreshan, Jr. and Norman Reepmeyer of the Boght Community Fire District.

The new Stillwater fire engine carries 500 gallons of water with a 1500 GPM pump. The truck, when officially in service, will serve as the initial attack fire engine for the village.

About SFD:
The Newland-Wood Fire Company of the Stillwater Fire Department has protected the Village of Stillwater since 1865. The department has three fire engines, a pick-up truck, and a water rescue vessel on the Hudson River. 36 firefighters comprise the all volunteer agency that is owned by the village government.

Shane Mahar, Fire Chief
518-701-0833 (Cell)