Stinger Q4 Rapid Intervention Vehicle Displayed at FDIC

New Rapid Intervention Vehicle co-developed by Pierce and Oshkosh Airport Products.

Appleton, Wis. (April 23, 2009) - Pierce Manufacturing and Oshkosh Airport Products, both Oshkosh Corporation (NYSE:OSK) companies, today displayed the new Stinger Q4™ Rapid Intervention Vehicle (RIV) in Indianapolis at the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) booth #8320. The Stinger Q4 vehicle was purchased by the Louisville Regional Airport Authority in Louisville, Ky.

"The Stinger Q4 Rapid Intervention Vehicle is an outstanding example of Pierce and Oshkosh Airport Products sharing technology to engineer innovative solutions for the fire service, said Wilson Jones, Oshkosh Corporation executive vice president and president, Fire & Emergency. "With its exclusive Pulse Delivery® and QuadAgent® technologies, the Stinger Q4 RIV offers excellent firefighting capabilities, and has generated tremendous interest from the industry."

The Stinger Q4 RIV features exclusive Pulse Delivery and QuadAgent systems to meet airport rapid intervention vehicle requirements. The Stinger Q4 meets Class I and II product index ratings, and is engineered to deliver best-in-class performance for aircraft rescue, firefighting, hazmat and emergency response at airports of all sizes. With its smaller size and greater maneuverability, it is ideally suited for a wide range of incidents either on or around the airfield.

"The Stinger Q4 RIV will replace an outdated quick response vehicle. We expect this new, rapid-intervention vehicle will enhance the Authority's firefighting capabilities, specifically increasing the distance of our knockdown power, said Steve Petty, Louisville Regional Airport Authority director of public safety. "Its maneuverability should also allow firefighters to respond more quickly to a wide range of airfield incidents."

The new Pulse Delivery technology allows firefighters to deliver dry chemical powder long distances in a truly "dry" form by producing small packets of powder within the nozzle and propelling them forward at speeds of up to Mach 1. The packets have enough force to allow the operator to cast dry chemical powder over 90 feet (27m), more than three times the current capability. Not being entrained in the water stream, the dry chemical can begin suppression the moment it arrives at the source of combustion.

The new QuadAgent technology can attack almost all types of fire with quick fire suppression. QuadAgent allows firefighters to easily and quickly select any combination of four agents: water/foam, CAFS, dry chemical and clean agent to disburse the best firefighting solution right from the nozzle. The QuadAgent system allows for deployment of all agents to over 90 feet (27m), increasing standoff and keeping firefighters a safe distance from the fire.

"The Pulse Delivery technology that propels dry chemicals more than 90 feet is an attractive feature of this vehicle as it quickly initiates fire suppression activities," added Petty. "The ability to quickly and easily select the best firefighting option for any type of fire is critical to our firefighting team and the new QuadAgent technology should enhance our current capabilities."

The Stinger Q4 on display at FDIC is built on the Ford Super Duty F-550 chassis, and carries 120 gal. of water, 500 lbs. of dry chemical agent and a compressed air foam system.

Photo caption: The new Stinger Q4™ Rapid Intervention Vehicle from Oshkosh and Pierce features QuadAgent® and Pulse Delivery® systems for unmatched firefighting performance.

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