5-Hour Energy Presents "Hardest Working Fire Station" Contest

Indianapolis, IN (April 23, 2009) - To honor the brave and selfless actions of firefighters across the country, 5-Hour Energy presents the "Hardest Working Fire Station" contest. Proud stationhouses can visit www.5HourFireStation.com to nominate their fire station by completing a simple form on why their unit deserves to win this contest. The winning stationhouse selected by 5-Hour Energy will then receive 555 bottles of 5-Hour Energy to provide an energy boost during those long shifts fighting fires, as well as have a photo of their unit featured on the company's Web Site.

5-Hour Energy is a 2-ounce energy shot that provides hours of energy with no crash and no jitters. Available in a variety of flavors -- berry, lemon-lime, and orange -- 5-Hour Energy packs a powerful blend of B-vitamins for energy and amino acids. Containing about as much caffeine as a cup of the leading premium coffee, there's zero sugar, zero net carbs, zero herbal stimulants and only four calories in each 2-ounce shot. 5-Hour Energy is also available in Decaf and Extra Strength** versions.

"The sacrifice firefighters make each and every day is often taken for granted," said Carl Sperber, director of corporate communications for Living Essentials, the makers of 5-Hour Energy. "It takes tremendous courage to risk your life for someone else and that's what firefighters do every time they answer the alarm. The "Hardest Working Fire Station" contest is our small way of saying thanks to the brave men and women out there who have dedicated their lives to saving others."

Those attending FDIC this April are encouraged to stop by the 5-Hour Energy booth to receive a free sample to help recharge their batteries as they walk the show floor to see the latest equipment and training techniques.

5-Hour Energy can be found at convenience stores throughout the United States, as well as Wal-Mart, Walgreens and other fine retailers.