New Reverse Control Product Will Prevent Backing Accidents

Reverse Control, Inc. has introduced an innovative new device that promises to greatly improve safety while backing large vehicles. The backing system incorporates a one button handheld transmitter, used by a spotter, to activate signals for the driver in the cab. Push and hold the button to signal the driver to back up. Release the button to signal the driver to stop.

In the cab, audible tones and visual lights inform the driver when it is safe to back up, and when to stop. If the spotter loses control of the transmitter for some reason, the button functions as a "deadman" safety switch, automatically signaling the driver to stop. In addition, with this device in hand, the spotter can watch the backing operation from a safe distance behind the vehicle.

Multiple vehicles can operate side by side without interference. The Reverse Control backing system installs quickly and easily on existing vehicles. Simple to use, rugged and reliable; this device offers a fresh approach to the problem of backing large vehicles with inherent blind spots in the rear.

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