GeoComm tested GeoLynx Spatial Router at NG9-1-1 Industry Collaboration Event

St. Cloud, MN: GeoComm recently tested their new GeoLynx Spatial Router NG9-1-1 Location Validation and Routing software at the inaugural Next Generation 9-1-1 Industry Collaboration Event (ICE) hosted by NENA at Texas A&M University’s Internet2 Technology Evaluation Center. 
GeoLynx Spatial Router is an IETF 5222 compliant LoST server, providing the NG9-1-1 Emergency Call Routing Function (ECRF) and Location Validation Function (LVF) NENA i3 functional elements. GeoLynx Spatial Router can be used by 9-1-1 Authorities, communications service providers, and calling devices to determine location based emergency call routing within local and regional 9-1-1 networks, as well as by LIS operators for validating location information for 9-1-1.
“GeoComm is excited to have participated in this seminal event.  We feel this, and other similar forums, will be invaluable in helping to establish and verify the efficacy of the technical standards that will represent the foundation of Next Generation 9-1-1.  In the final analysis, open standards based technologies will best serve the interests of public safety by allowing the customer to select the various components in a fashion consistent with their unique requirements.  The days of proprietary technologies dominating the technical landscape are, and rightfully should be, numbered’’.  Tom Grones, President/CEO
The multi-day event tested system components for interoperability across 16 leading vendors of NG9-1-1 technology, and validated emerging new standards and specifications for 9-1-1. This was the first in a series of similar events planned to address different aspects of NG9-1-1 development and readiness.
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About GeoComm:
GeoComm, an integrated GIS and public safety consulting firm, creates systems for 9-1-1. These systems originate from three dedicated angles: accurate map development, highly functional mapping software, and comprehensive consulting services ranging from wireless Phase I and II planning to two-way radio and networking to CPE, RFP and PSAP consolidation studies. Over the past 14 years, GeoComm has successfully deployed over 6,000 licenses of customized public safety GIS software applications in different sites throughout 42 states.

GeoComm’s Family of Products provides the tools necessary to speed and enhance emergency response. These tools improve responsiveness, enhance operability, accelerate communications, and provide sophisticated GIS-based decision support information.