Shafer Enterprises LLC of Stockbridge, GA

PRESS_RELEASE Shafer Enterprises LLC

Stockbridge, Georgia USA


Shafer Enterprises LLC of Stockbridge, GA, manufacturer of COOL SHIRT® Personal Cooling Systems for racecar drivers, hospitals, industry, fire rehab, athletics, multiple sclerosis, and military users lost a team member on Saturday, October 3rd, 2009.

Rich Shafer, founder and inventor of the Cool Shirt system passed away late Saturday afternoon (Oct. 3) from complications after a wreck at Turn Three of the Crow Mountain Hill Climb.

Rich was a great man – full of life and always looking forward to the future. He loved his family, he loved his friends, and he loved racing. For Rich the words “you can’t do that” were a challenge to be overcome rather than a statement of limits. More than once he said he was lucky enough to still be able to get in the car (after two back surgeries), and he’d continue to mash the gas pedal until he couldn’t do so any longer. He turned sixty-six last April and could still outdrive guys half his age.

Rich was survived by his wife Eileen, his son Thomas, his daughter Julie, and his grandchildren Duncan and Lincoln.

The employees of Shafer Enterprises mourn the loss of a wonderful man and team member. Shafer Enterprises is an employee owned and operated business. We will continue to provide the same quality products and service you are accustomed to. Rest assured that we all share Rich’s vision moving into the future.