San Diego Police Foundation to Help Increase Citizens' Disaster Preparedness

(San Diego, Calif. - Monday, Aug. 17, 2009) - Thanks to a generous grant from Qualcomm Incorporated, the San Diego Police Foundation (SDPF) will award nine San Diego County fire agencies with financial support totaling nearly $150,000 for programs that increase citizens' disaster preparedness.

"Citizen and business preparedness is a great asset for fire and police first responders in times of an emergency or disaster," said Bill Maheu, senior director business development, Qualcomm Incorporated. "Qualcomm is committed to the local San Diego community and proud to support efforts that expand community involvement in disaster preparedness."

Grant money will be used to purchase training equipment and facilitate a variety of programs, including the training of Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT).

"These grants to local fire agencies will provide essential tools for residents countywide, from the coast to the East County back country, and from North County to South Bay," said Wenda Alvarez, San Diego Police Foundation President & CEO. "This generous donation from Qualcomm will undoubtedly help our county's fire agencies save lives and protect property."

Recipient fire agencies and programs are:

Carlsbad Fire Department - $20,700
Carlsbad Fire Department will receive funding of the CERT Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training for 75 volunteers. Funding will also provide members with high-visibility apparel in compliance with new federal safety regulations.

Encinitas Fire & Marine Safety - $19,200
The Encinitas Fire & Marine Safety agency will combine year-round education, preparedness and effective mobilization during disaster with a new emergency advisory system. A portable emergency advisory radio station will broadcast instructions and year-round disaster education information to citizens across a 75-square mile range. It will be shared with other cities within a mutual aid agreement.

National City Fire Department - $17,400
The National City Fire Department will add a laser-driven digital fire extinguisher, as a virtual tool to increase training efficiencies and eliminate environmental clean-up and waste.

Pala Fire Department - $22,400
The Pala Fire Department will start a new CERT training program for 200 citizens. The fire department's CERT program goal is to train the general population of Pala and neighboring communities, thereby improving overall emergency preparedness and response capability. Pala will also develop a multi-functional volunteer response team to assist individuals, such as the elderly, disabled, ethnic groups with language barriers, and children, to ensure that all are accounted for and cared for in an unexpected event.

Palomar Mtn. Volunteer Fire Department - $8,000
Palomar Mountain Volunteer Fire Department provides a monthly fire safety program that is taught by local volunteer firefighters to a variety of local groups, including civic groups, companies, church groups, camps, and scouts. Funding for a portable live fire extinguisher training simulator will increase training efficiency.

Pauma Reservation Fire Dept. & Pauma Tribal Police Department - $7,600
The Pauma Reservation Fire Department and Pauma Tribal Police Department will partner on a Major Disaster Education and Preparedness Program that will provide disaster education for youth, for elementary school members, and the Band's Tribal members. Participants will learn what to do before, during and after disaster strikes at different locations, such as the main reservation, casino and schools.

San Diego Fire-Rescue Department - $17,825
The San Diego Fire-Rescue Department will expand training opportunities for over 600 existing CERT San Diego members. Its funding will also support expansion of CERT San Diego's annual National Preparedness Month (NPM) Safety Fair. The annual fair is an outstanding opportunity to increase CERT program participation.

San Diego Rural Fire Protection District - $23,500
The San Diego Rural Fire Protection District will partner with Dulzura Fire Safe Council to provide a variety of opportunities for citizens to receive family disaster planning education. At school events, fire safety training classes, and community events, the agency's goal is to reach the majority of its 7,000 households.

San Miguel Fire Protection District - $13,100
The San Miguel Fire Protection District will receive a laser-driven fire extinguisher training system that will expand training to residents, businesses, schools, and service groups.

San Diego Police Foundation
The SDPF mission is to improve human services delivered by men and women (and dogs) who "Protect and Serve." Beneficiaries are domestic violence victims, the elderly, children, and anyone who lives, works or plays in San Diego. Goals are accomplished by generating financial support for crime prevention and law enforcement opportunities - equipment, training, and collaborative community programs. It has been selected for regional grants that address the efficiency opportunities of multiple public safety agencies and has awarded grants totaling more than $3.7 million. For more information about the San Diego Police Foundation, visit