SMOKE TRAINER - SID - Enhanced Position & Accountability Light

Anaheim, Calif. - SMOKE TRAINER announces their newly developed Smoke Identification Light or SID that provides fire departments and incident commanders with a cost effective product that will improve visibility and accountability of firefighters in critical fire operations involving low visibility and dense, heavy smoke.

The SID is mounted on any standard SCBA air pack and improves ability to keep track/locate and identify fellow firefighters. It can be turned off/on manually or using a lanyard that turns the light on automatically upon exiting the fire truck. The SID illuminates four different colors in either a solid or blinking light with visibility up to 30 feet or more in dense black smoke.

The SID is durable and intrinsically safe, made of aluminum and stainless steel and is powered by 3-AA batteries with an average life of 35 hours of operation. The SID is designed to meet environmental requirements of NFPA 1981 standard for emergency services: 2007 Edition.

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