BullEx Offers Hands-on Fire Prevention Training for the Community

Albany, NY, Aug 5, 2009 - BullEx Digital Safety offers local fire departments new, interactive tools to enhance annual Fire Prevention Open Houses or Safety Days. Fire Departments can now rent a smart BullEx Fire Safety Trailer to add realistic fire safety lessons to training for both children and adults alike.

A BullEx Fire Safety Trailer gives departments the opportunity to offer many home, occupational and fire safety lessons.

In the Kitchen Scenario, children are guided through basic home safety lessons using hazard recognition props such as a chemical cabinet, a smoking toaster, a rotating pot handle and a smoking outlet. To intensify the training for adults, an oven fire can be ignited, forcing them to dial 911 and use the proper method of extinguishing the flames.

In the Bedroom Scenario, children are taught the importance of feeling their bedroom door for heat and how to stop smoke from coming into the room. The lesson continues using an EDITH map and escape window to teach the importance of having two exits from each room.

In the Industrial Room, teach residents or employees how to react in an industrial emergency. Trainees are instructed how to handle an electrical fire - pulling an alarm, calling 911, shutting down power and using an extinguisher to extinguish the blaze.

Fire Departments, corporations and other organizations can contact BullEx at 888-428-5539 / 518-689-2023 to add this interactive, realistic training to your next event.

About BullEx Digital Safety - BullEx Digital Safety is an innovative technology company that utilizes patented smart technology to develop life-saving products for the global workforce. BullEx serves a diverse customer base from its corporate and manufacturing headquarters near Albany, NY. For more information visit www.bullexsafety.com.

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