Mark VI Control Now Available on X-Series Washer-Extractors

Pellerin Milnor's has integrated the Mark VI microprocessor control on the X-Series product line with the "W" control.

This secure and intuitive control includes 100 formulas (98 are programmable depending on the customers' needs). The full-screen color graphic display is user-friendly with step-by-step instructions to program any wash formula. The control may be linked to the Mildata system, increasing the available wash formulas to 1,000 possibilities. It may also be manually modified by the operator to maximize wash quality depending on the goods.

The run screens demonstrate all the information needed to know for productivity - wash step, water temperature, actual cylinder RPM, total time remaining, and more. The Mark VI control is complex, yet simple to read and use for any laundry operator.

For more information:
1-800-469- 8780 for your authorized dealer contact information.