TECGEN XTREME™ Protective Apparel Introduced for Firefighters

ANGLETON, TEXAS. (June 15, 2009) - Ashburn Hill Corp., manufacturer of fire-retardant apparel for industrial and firefighting applications, will debut its product, TECGEN XTREME™ protective apparel, at the Southeastern Association of Fire Chiefs' Annual Leadership Conference in Myrtle Beach, SC, June 18 and 19. TECGEN XTREME™ is a unique, dual-certified product that meets the National Fire Protection Association's specifications for wildland firefighting (NFPA 1977-2005) and technical rescue ensemble (NFPA 1951-2007).

"Currently, there aren't many products in the market that can meet both of these specifications without additional layers for protection," said Jon Heard, president and chief executive officer of Ashburn Hill Corp. "We are thrilled to bring a product to market that can provide needed protection without the added bulk."

In many instances, firefighters wear heavy-duty turnout gear, even in scenarios that may not require the extent of protection provided by those suits, adding unnecessary weight, discomfort, and expense. In a single layer, TECGEN XTREME™ protective apparel provides a comfortable, breathable alternative to turnout gear that is compliant for up to 75 percent of firefighting responses.

The product especially excelled in its Thermal Protective Performance (TPP) test, scoring an 18.7 - which is 8.7 points above the minimum requirement and 5.4 points above the current market leader's fabric, giving it the best TPP on a single-layer coverall for the fire-service market. Additionally, with heat stress being the number one killer of firefighters, this product has much higher total heat loss (THL) than turnout gear, keeping the body cooler.

In a recent testimonial, Robert C. LaCour, Jr., Station 2 captain of the Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department in southern Texas, said, "I have been wearing coveralls made from this material for quite some time now, and I have been very pleased with their performance. They have been lightweight and easy to wear, even in the south Texas heat and humidity. I feel this material will protect me in many of the hazardous situations that I may encounter."

TECGEN XTREME™ protective apparel is available through Ashburn Hill Corp.
For more details, call 888.607.8883 or e-mail info@tecgenfr.com
The company's Web site, www.TECGENXTREME.com , will launch Wednesday, June 17.