Havis-Shields and LEDCO-Chargeguard Announce Merger

The combination creates a broad portfolio that better serves the mobile workspace by offering a complete line of products.

WARMINSTER, PA. March 3, 2009 - Havis-Shields, the leading manufacturer of mission critical products designed for public safety fleet and fire vehicles, today announced a merger with LEDCO-Chargeguard, Plymouth, Mich., a leading manufacturer of mobile computing solutions and vehicle power management systems. The merger of these two trusted industry leaders will define the new mobile workspace. This partnership truly delivers on maximizing worker productivity.

The combination of Havis-Shields and LEDCO-CHARGEGUARD creates a broad portfolio that better serves the mobile workspace by offering a complete line of products. This broad product portfolio includes emergency lighting, consoles, docking stations and security transport systems. For the first time ever, customers will be able to utilize a single provider for fleet and IT solutions requirements, reducing total cost of ownership and improving service and support.

As part of the merger, current Havis-Shields president, Joe Bernert, will become the chairman and chief executive officer of the newly formed company. Michael Bernert, currently the vice president of sales and marketing for Havis-Shields, will become the president of the merged companies, and current LEDCO-CHARGEGUARD president, Mike Zani, will become the new company's chief operating officer.

Havis-Shields' Joe Bernert said the merger is a win-win for both companies and will provide its respective customers with an expanded line of the most comfortable and safest solutions in the industry. "We think the merger of Havis-Shields and LEDCO-CHARGEGUARD will give us the opportunity to increase the level of service and the quality of products we provide to our customers."

Michael Bernert further explained that "this merger will give our Fleet and IT sales channel partners access to both LEDCO-CHARGEGUARDS's industry leading docking products and Havis-Shields innovative mounting solutions."

LEDCO-CHARGEGUARD's Mike Zani agreed, and said the merger will bring two industry leaders together to provide customers with a "one-stop shop" for all their mobile computing, mission critical fleet and vehicle power management solutions. "Havis-Shields is one of the most trusted names in public safety and mission critical equipment. That reputation, coupled with the perfect fit of LEDCO-CHARGEGUARD's respective product lines gives us the ability to quickly respond to customer needs with the best and most complete mobile workplace equipment in the market, all from one source," Zani said.

The company headquarters will remain in Warminster, PA., and the current LEDCO-CHARGEGUARD manufacturing and marketing offices will remain in the Detroit suburb of Plymouth, Mich. Joe Bernert said that each company will continue with a "business as usual" philosophy, and that current Havis-Shields and LEDCO-CHARGEGUARD customers will continue to work with their current company representatives for products and services.

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