Rugged Ultra-Mobile Notebook PC Honored for Innovation, Relevance to Government Use, Performance and Value.

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - Ridgeline Technology, a manufacturer solutions provider that delivers portable information technology (IT) solutions to government and enterprise customers, announced today that the company earned a Government Computer News (GCN) 2008 'Best of FOSE' Award for its offering of the GoBook® MR-1 ultra-mobile notebook PC manufactured by General Dynamics Itronix. A two-pound, full-function rugged notebook measuring 4.3 inches by 6 inches, the GoBook MR-1 allows users to work on a superior outdoor viewable display, wherever duty takes them.

"The US government is the world's largest purchaser of IT products. FOSE continues to be a showcase for the latest in technology offerings for the government - and in particular, products that meet the government's demanding requirements for scale and security," said Wyatt Kash, editor in chief of Government Computer News. "With so many quality submissions, we struggled to narrow down the 2008 GCN 'Best of FOSE' winners, suggesting once again, the degree of technology innovation that companies are focusing on for public sector applications."

During FOSE, April 1-3, 2008, GCN's editors and technology analysts reviewed more than 100 products including the General Dynamics Itronix GoBook MR-1, which was showcased at the Ridgeline Technology booth. Winners were chosen based on four criteria: innovation, usability/applicability to government, relative performance based on specifications and value.

"We are not surprised that the GoBook MR-1, a key component of our rugged computing solutions portfolio, was selected as a winner in the Best of FOSE awards," said Melissa Payton, director of sales and marketing, Ridgeline Technology. "The GoBook MR-1 is ideally suited for our government customers who need computing devices that can adapt to a variety of usage scenarios, whether in helicopters, transport planes, and combat vehicles or deployed on a battlefield. Our partnership with General Dynamics Itronix helps us provide our customers with innovative, best-in-class solutions they can rely on for their mission critical activities."

"The ultra-mobile, lightweight GoBook MR-1 is designed to serve users in virtually all conditions and operating environments where portability may be crucial to getting the job done, or even survival, making it ideal for government use," said John Schneider, Business Unit Director at General Dynamics Itronix. "The fact that the GoBook MR-1 has been recognized by GCN's Best of FOSE Awards proves that it truly is built with innovation, reliability and the end user's requirements at the forefront."

About the General Dynamics Itronix GoBook® MR-1

Rugged from the ground up, the GoBook MR-1 ultra-mobile notebook combines the power of Windows® XP or Vista® with exceptional durability, performance, multi-wireless capability and outdoor screen clarity in a compact form factor. The GoBook MR-1 is a two-pound, full-function rugged notebook measuring 4.3 inches by 6 inches, allowing users to work on a portable, lightweight, reduced-footprint machine wherever duty takes them and without sacrificing any of the features of a full-size rugged notebook. An Intel® Core Solo 1.2 GHz processor gives the GoBook MR-1 the power to leverage multi-threaded applications and boosts overall speed and performance. The GoBook MR-1 is built to manage multiple, embedded wireless radios including simultaneous WLAN, PAN, GPS and WWAN, with seamless roaming for uninterrupted coverage. To accommodate the varied needs of government users, the GoBook MR-1 is engineered with stackable expansion module architecture for flexibility in integrating additional functionality. The MR-1 also features unparalleled outdoor viewability with the new patent-pending DynaVue™ touchscreen display technology developed by General Dynamics Itronix.

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