FoxFury's Sleek new Hammerhead Flashlight ideal for Investigations

The HammerHead Search FlashlightF, configured with white light and UV (380 nm), is the ideal companion for Fire and Arson Investigators as well as CSI.

The simple tap of a switch allows the user to change from 1 strong CREE XR-E White LED to 12 UV LEDs. The white LED alone supplies up to 160 lumens of light.

The UV mode of the light is used in conjunction with a pair of orange goggles (sold separately by FoxFury). Together, petroleum-based accelerants will fluoresce, making it easier for fire investigators to identify the culprit. CSI and Forensic personnel can utilize the UV light to search for Trace Evidence (hairs, fibers, serological evidence, etc.) as well as to examine Questioned Documents for evidence.

The Hammerhead Search is lightweight and sleek with a powerful beam, allowing the user to keep a comfortable amount of distance between themselves and the speculative substances under investigation.

3 CR123 batteries provide up to 8 hours of life. The Hammerhead is rugged (made of Aluminum), Waterproof and Fire Resistant.

MSRP $294.99