The Battalion-The Series: True Reality - Truly Unscripted

(San Francisco, CA) - Firefighters have always been thought of as heroic --- they risk their lives everyday to save strangers. Get ready for a new reality show "The Battalion-The Series!" The show illustrates the everyday lives of San Francisco firefighters. Based on the innovative web show at, where under 20 minute webisodes dutifully follow the lives of firefighters. The series tracks these modern-day champions. One important angle of this show is women firefighters. San Francisco has one of the largest percentages of women firefighters in the nation.

Tule Fogs Post - Production Supervising Consultant Wes Irwin from FOX Television stated "I'm proud to be a part of this project, David and his crew doing a great job!"

David Furtado started Tule Fog Productions in 1997. The company conceives, develops and produces original content for distribution. "Tule" (pronounced Tool-ee) represents a dense night or morning valley fog prevalent in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hosted by the distinguished actor, Dorian Harewood, the webisodes will not only focus on how these men and women help save lives, but focuses on their personal commitments to this harrowing profession.

For over five years, Tule Fog Productions LLC has been producing this series. Each webisode has the look and feel of a fully produced episodic series for television. Using state of the art streaming technology, they can be viewed in full screen-mode online or downloaded to your computer, iPod, cell-phone or television --- as well as other compatible devices.

Pilot Webisode #1: "24 Hours with the San Francisco Fire Department" - follows the crew of Station 11 in the Mission District and the crew of Station 9 in the Potrero District as their shifts change, they test their equipment and respond to morning calls.

Webisode #2: "Women on the Watch" - introduces several women, Laura Carvajal, who attends the University of Santa Barbara and hopes to follow in her father's footsteps, Lieutenant Anita Pratley, who received tremendous support from her crew and department while battling breast cancer and the Chief of Training, Joanne Hayes-White.

Webisode #3: "24 Hours with the San Francisco Fire Department" - follows Battalion 10's, Rescue Chief, John Cavanaugh and Station 11's crew as they respond to afternoon calls.

Webisode #4: "24 Hours with the San Francisco Fire Department" - continues to follow Battalion 10's, Rescue Chief, John Cavanaugh and Station 11's crew catch a car fire.

For more information on the world of firefighters, go to The site has a cornucopia of information on Advanced Rescue, EMS, the Firehouse Expo (being held July 26-28 at the Baltimore Convention Center), nationwide job openings, web directory and online store of firefighter gear, etc.