E-One Unveils Chassis Equipped with LifeGuard RollTek

Indianapolis, Indiana - April 10, 2008 - Today, at the FDIC show in Indianapolis, LifeGuard Technologies, a division of IMMI, announced RollTek side roll protection is now available on E-ONE fire apparatus.

LifeGuard RollTek combines side airbag protection with the latest advancements in seat belt technology. In a rollover, RollTek deploys within a quarter second to position occupants securely in their seats, increase survivable space in the cab, and cushion head and neck impact, significantly reducing the potential for death or serious injury.

"With rollovers responsible for more than half of the fatalities in large commercial trucks, concerned fire chiefs are equipping their apparatus with RollTek side roll protection," said Steve Eickenroht, Director of Sales for LifeGuard Technologies. "We're pleased that fire chiefs across the country are taking this step to address this critical safety issue."

"With the assistance of LifeGuard Technologies, we've made one of the safest cab designs in the industry even safer," said Charles Chilton, E-ONE vice president of engineering and product development. "The RollTek technology in our Quest chassis helps reduce the threat of a fatal injury if a rollover occurs. RollTek provides an added enhancement to E-ONE's suite of safety technologies and design features which are focused on improving the safety of firefighters and citizens in the community when fire vehicles are responding to a call."

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, motor vehicle accidents are the second leading cause of death for on-duty firefighters, just behind heart attacks. Rollovers account for a significant number of these fatalities.

Over the course of designing and integrating RollTek into E-ONE custom apparatus, LifeGuard Technologies engineers put each truck model through a series of rigorous static and dynamic physical tests. Testing at the Center for Advanced Product Evaluation (CAPE) played an integral role in ensuring the system met all design requirements for advanced occupant protection.

LifeGuard RollTek is also available on Pierce, KME, Ferrara, Spartan and Seagrave fire trucks.

About LifeGuard Technologies
LifeGuard Technologies is a division of IMMI. For more than four decades IMMI has been bringing safety to people through designing, testing and manufacturing safety restraint systems. IMMI provides hundreds of products for various sectors including the commercial vehicle, power sports, child seating and school bus industries. The Center for Advanced Product Evaluation (CAPE) at IMMI headquarters in Westfield, Indiana, conducts fire apparatus crash tests, rollover tests and cab integrity tests, as well as offering analysis services to the fire apparatus industry.

IMMI is a privately held, international company that tests to U.S., European and Australian standards and is ISO 9001:2000 certified. For more information, visit lifeguardtechnologies.com.