General Dynamics Itronix Announces Semi-Rugged

First semi-rugged notebook optimized for vehicle-deployed workforces with new DynaVueâ„¢ all-light viewable display technology.

First semi-rugged notebook optimized for vehicle-deployed workforces with new DynaVue all-light viewable display technology.

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - General Dynamics Itronix introduced today its next-generation semi-rugged notebook computer, the GoBook VR-2, featuring the new Intel ® Core 2 Duo processor T7300 at 2.0 GHz and superior ergonomic and wireless features. Designed to meet the demanding needs of mobile workers in a variety of commercial, field service, public safety and military markets, the GoBook VR-2 offers a unique 13.3-inch display featuring DynaVue - a recently announced patent-pending display technology - that offers superior touchscreen viewability in all lighting conditions, even direct sunlight.

"This next-generation semi-rugged product represents the culmination of our expertise in designed-in ruggedness, integrated wireless capabilities and performance, with cutting-edge display innovation for unparalleled outdoor touchscreen display viewability," said Ben Thacker, vice president of strategic marketing for General Dynamics Itronix. "Based on customer input, these features were designed to deliver a best-in-class, semi-rugged notebook that is flexible and well suited for vehicle-based and office-based mobile workers," Thacker said.

J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D., vice president and chief analyst, Mobile and Wireless, at global industry analyst firm Frost & Sullivan, was impressed with the overall feature set of the new semi-rugged notebook; "Companies with mobile workers require attributes in their rugged mobile computing devices such as wireless signal strength and radio choices, overall durability, high performance processing power and outdoor viewability," Purdy said. "The GoBook VR-2 notebook from General Dynamics Itronix delivers significant functionality in all of these key attribute areas and, for the first time, an astonishing degree of outdoor viewability on a touchscreen. I was amazed at the clarity of the new DynaVue technology as it was displayed on the GoBook VR-2's touchscreen in bright sunlight. I realized then that to produce a great outdoor viewing solution, it isn't about generating more backlight power. It's about reducing reflection and focusing on contrast ratio. General Dynamics Itronix has done just that, and produced a superior outdoor viewing result with its DynaVue display technology."

GoBook VR-2 Product Features

The GoBook VR-2's capabilities and features distinguish it as the fastest, most durable semi-rugged, outdoor-viewable wireless notebook available.

Brightness Beyond "Nits" - The DynaVue Difference

The DynaVue display technology virtually eliminates internal reflections that wash out touchscreen displays and DynaVue dramatically improves direct sunlight contrast ratio for improved viewability and fine details definition. DynaVue also helps optimize the notebook's battery and processor performance without adding extra weight. Prior to DynaVue, computer display manufacturers tried various methods to increase display brightness. Some attempts came with undesirable side-effects - like diminished battery life, distorted colors and reduced contrast. DynaVue employs an innovative approach for inside and outside work environments and provides a proper balance between brightness and contrast ratio.


The only semi-rugged notebook with external antenna connections and a built-in global positioning system (GPS), the GoBook VR-2 works even in challenging environments. On the motherboard, the Intel Core2 Duo processor T7300 2.0GHz and Intel 965GM Express chip set provide outstanding performance.

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