Goodyear Fire Department Manages Growth and Pre-Planning with FireView(TM)

The City of Goodyear in the Phoenix area recently implemented FireView and has been using it to assist with emergency pre-planning in high growth areas. Goodyear is experiencing 15 to 18 percent growth annually and FireView has been instrumental helping to determine the best locations for new fire stations. Goodyear Fire Department no longer needs to outsource this type of analysis with FireView inhouse.

Goodyear Fire Department is also utilizing FireView in supporting its Deployment Task Force which is charged with finding ways to improve service through the redeployment of apparatus. Hot spot mapping and station coverage maps assist in determining which areas are most in need of services.

"We are pleased with the functionality that FireView provides and anticipate increased use as we provide quality fire and rescue services to the citizens of Goodyear." Mark A. Gaillard, Fire Chief