FoxFury brings lights to East Coast in July at Firehouse Expo in Baltimore

Vista, CA, June 6, 2006 - FoxFury has been turning heads and awing Fire Fighters with their professional headlamps for over three years. July will be the first time that FoxFury shows its wares in the East Coast at the Firehouse Expo in Baltimore.

FoxFury has two hallmark features that set it apart from the competition: 1) Immediate Situation Assessment (due to FOCUSED and PERIPHERAL vision) and 2) Unique LED Color Configuration cuts through smoke more effectively and provides optimal clarity and detailed vision.

FoxFury has 4 Series designed SPECIFICALLY for Fire Fighters.

The Signature Series and Performance Series headlamps fit comfortably on a Fire helmet, and both run on a convenient long lasting 4 AA battery pack (over 40 hours of usable light on a fresh set of batteries!).

The mix of 24 Green and White Hi Intensity LEDs optimize human visual perception for STRUCTURAL fire fighting, lighting an area of up to 150 feet ahead and 60 feet wide. WILDLAND and DIVE rescue systems differ in LED color configuration.

While both the Signature and Performance provide similar light output, the difference lies in the lights' designs. The Signature is built more rugged, while the Performance is more low profile and ergonomic and has an adjustable tilt to allow user to direct the light where needed. Non fire-resistant models are also available for search and rescue workers for applications like Dive rescue, Water Rescue and Emergency Medicine.

The FoxFury PRO Series headlamp is the ultimate headlamp for extreme lighting. 4 Luxeon Star LEDs provide 200-250 ft of Distance vision and 60 ft of Peripheral vision. The PRO Fire headlamp is a favorite tool of Arson Investigators and Aircraft Rescue personnel.

The FoxFury Scout Series Utility Light can be clipped to jacket pocket, D-ring or Hand Held if desired. 6 white and 4 Red LEDs provide ample lighting and increased safety. With 7 different modes, the SCOUT provides just the right amount of lighting for any situation at hand. FoxFury also has all white and white/blue models available.

FoxFury manufactures Application-Specific lighting systems, designed with the unique user in mind. For Fire Fighters and Search and Rescue personnel, nothing is more important that IMMEDIATE SITIATION ASSESSMENT. FoxFury Action Lighting Systems aids rescue efforts and help save lives.