Rescue 42, Inc. Unveils the Next Generation of the TeleCrib Stabilization System

(CHICO, CA) -- In its continuing mission to develop safe and innovative rescue equipment, Rescue 42, Inc. has just announced that the next generation of their TeleCrib Stabilization Struts will be made from an advanced DuPontTM Kevlar Composite. The new struts will be officially unveiled at the Firehouse Central Convention and Expo in Orlando, Florida on October 11, 2007.

"Using recent advancements in the Aerospace industry, we were able to take materials used on some of the worlds most technologically advanced products and apply them to our TeleCrib Stabilization System", states owner and veteran firefighter Tim O'Connell. "Because of their incredible strength and light weight, similar advanced Kevlar Composite materials are being used in the latest military and commercial aircraft and even by NASA on such projects as the Mars Exploration Rovers."

The superior properties of advanced Kevlar Composites makes the TeleCrib Stabilization System nearly impervious to all types of environmental and chemical corrosion including water, salt, battery acid, fuels and UV rays. This new advanced Kevlar Composite material also offers exceptional impact resistance making them one of the most durable rescue tools in service, yet still incredibly lightweight and electrically non-conductive.

"As a long time first responder, I'm always looking for new ways to improve rescuer convenience and safety. By applying this new advanced Kevlar Composite material to our proven TeleCrib design, we are able to add incredible value to our struts without raising our prices", notes Mr. O'Connell.

Due to overwhelming evaluator and customer praise for its easy setup and compact storage, the basic design of the struts will remain unchanged and will still feature the innovative triple-telescoping strut tubes with the exclusive safety interlocking system. Included kit components will continue to feature the multi purpose combi-head and large, glove friendly straps and pins. For additional information about the components and kits available for the Rescue 42 TeleCrib Stabilization System, please visit their website at

Pricing and Availability:

Rescue 42 has several standard kits conveniently packaged and priced for departments to choose from. The most popular is the TeleCrib Truck Kit which includes four TeleCrib struts, base plates, combi-heads, spike foot, straps, screw jack head, A-frame head, hook cluster, cinch ring and large accessory bag. All TeleCrib kits and components are available exclusively though the Rescue 42 dealer network which can be found at

About Rescue 42, Inc.:

Rescue 42 is a leading manufacturer of innovative rescue equipment located in Northern California. Started in 1995 by longtime firefighter and ex-Nuclear Submariner Tim O'Connell, Rescue 42's product line includes the Composite TeleCrib Stabilization System, O'Connell Rescue PlateTM (O-PlateTM), O-PlateTM Junior and JackMate Lift Jack Accessory.

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