Firm Addresses Gaps in Emergency Planning for Disabled People

[October 27, 2005] Montgomeryville, PA -- In an emergency, people are forced to make life-altering decisions in a split-second. However, for people with disabilities, the key to making the right decisions requires careful consideration and planning. Deaf firefighter Neil McDevitt has founded The McDevitt Group (TMG), to meet these needs.

"I wanted to provide an innovative service to forward-thinking organizations who realize that they need to plan for disasters where evacuation or assistance is required, and to include individuals with disabilities in these plans," said McDevitt.

"For instance, maybe there's a fire situation where all the people in a building have to be evacuated," McDevitt explained. "Usually facilities and companies already have plans in place for these emergencies, but they often forget about people with disabilities, or have plans that are not accessible to all people with disabilities. TMG works to alleviate that."

With 54 million Americans who have disabilities, the need for advance planning is very much present, especially in light of disasters such as Sept. 11 and natural disasters. This point is driven home by a recent court case in Maryland that requires all retail places of business that develop emergency planning activities to specifically include people with disabilities.

"The major difference between TMG and other companies is that other companies may have qualified people with disabilities or qualified emergency responders who can assist with a plan, and TMG is led by a qualified emergency responder with a disability," said McDevitt. "This enables us to develop unique partnerships when it comes to developing our products and delivering our results."

In addition to emergency planning, TMG also offers an array of tailored services.