Bill Burke Celebrates Ten Years as President of Fire-Dex

5/2/06 - Medina, Ohio: Fire-Dex President Bill Burke celebrates his 10th year as president of the rapidly growing fire fighting apparel manufacturer, Fire-Dex.

Since Bill's appointment as president in 1996, Fire-Dex has experienced more than 400% growth in sales from less than $5 million in sales in 1995.

Bill attributes Fire-Dex's success to "a combination of lowered costs and increased market presence". A lean manufacturing philosophy throughout Fire-Dex and the combination of headquarters and manufacturing facilities have continued to minimize the impact of rising raw material and labor costs. Fire-Dex increased its market presence from two Regional Sales Managers in 1996 to seven Regional Sales Managers in the field, as well as one Canadian representative. Expanded coast-to-coast distribution of quality Fire-Dex products and strong marketing efforts, including the sponsorship of NEXTEL Cup Car No. 49 and the BAM Racing Team, have worked hand-in-hand to increase market presence.

Fire-Dex, Inc. is a quality manufacturer of protective firefighting clothing and emergency response apparel. We manufacture NFPA compliant structural and proximity turnout gear - featuring our line of Express Gear: "5 styles delivered in 5 days or less". Fire-Dex also manufactures two models of NFPA compliant ParaDex™ EMS gear and is the only turnout manufacturer to also manufacture premium quality NFPA hoods and gloves.