BullEx Digital Safety Awarded GSA Contract

North Greenbush, NY, December 12, 2006 - BullEx Digital Safety has been awarded a GSA contract for its Intelligent Training System, the safest and cleanest fire extinguisher training solution available.

BullEx has worked closely with GSA to negotiate package pricing for Federal Government agencies. Two specific packages are available under this contract, an Intelligent Training System GSA Base Package and an Intelligent Training System GSA Combined Package. For those agencies that feel that multiple unit purchases will best suit them, an additional discount has been negotiated. A large number of accessories can also be purchased under BullEx Digital Safety's GSA contract.

The GSA Base Package includes everything a training officer needs to get started with their fire extinguisher training: the Intelligent Training System base unit, one SmartExtinguisher, all necessary power & connector cables and accessories, and an accessory carrying case.

The GSA Combined Package includes everything found in the base package as well as four additional SmartExtinguishers, an accessories transport case, and an Intelligent Training System transport case.

"BullEx training systems have proven to be ideal tools for safety officers from federal, state and local government agencies all across the country. We are very proud to have been awarded a GSA contract for our products and look forward to

working even more closely with our government clients moving forward," commented Simon Balint, CAO of BullEx Digital Safety. "Hands-on fire extinguisher training should be an integral part of any organization's fire safety training. Fortunately, the Intelligent Training System offers a safer, cleaner and more cost effective way to do this."

Currently, military personnel in all branches around the globe, in places such as Bahrain and Afghanistan, are using the Intelligent Training System for their fire extinguisher training.

For additional information on the Intelligent Training System and GSA purchases, contact BullEx at 1-888-4BULLEX.

About BullEx Digital Safety - BullEx Digital Safety uses patented technology to create live and digital flame extinguisher training systems which eliminate the mess and expense of dry chemical or CO2 extinguishers. For more information visit www.bullexsafety.com.