Southern California Fire Departments Use TeleStaff to Deploy Staff to Battle Fires

"TeleStaff has saved our department several hours in staffing management due to the Southern California fires this week."

Irvine, CA. - October 26, 2007 - PDSI, the leader in public safety scheduling and notification software, is estimating that 90 plus fire departments are using TeleStaff to communicate to and deploy staff to battle the Southern California fires. Californians can take pride in fact that these fire departments are using the latest in fire staffing and notification technology ultimately ensuring quick and effective responses to these fires by the appropriate first responders.

According to Battalion Chief Jim Birrell of the Monterey Park Fire Department, "TeleStaff has saved our department several hours in staffing management due to the Southern California fires this week. We currently have two Engine Companies and a Battalion Chief assigned to the Santiago Fire in Orange County. Before TeleStaff, we used to staff manually by pen and paper. With TeleStaff, we now reassign our personnel to Strike Team Status and TeleStaff makes the calls automatically to backfill for our personnel out on the fire line. I can honestly say as our department's Administrative Chief that TeleStaff has saved me countless hours."

National City Fire Department is also relying on TeleStaff this week to battle the fires. "TeleStaff has been used to call-back personnel in order to deploy two Strike Team Fire Engines from October 21 - 26, 2007. TeleStaff was used to call-back Captains and Engineers, and has worked efficiently during these times of crisis. TeleStaff did not require staff to take time out to make phone calls to Captains and Engineers; TeleStaff did it for them automatically as soon as the units were deployed. The system noticed the vacancies and called Captains and Engineers on its scheduled time," stated Walter Amedee, Homeland Security Manager.

Deploying staff and several resources to combat fires, not only in its own agency, but out into other agencies, has been the Ontario Fire Department's priority.

"On Sunday, October 21st, a large fire broke out during the high wind situation in the southern portion of our city. We deployed and staffed to full capacity, and called in additional resources to assist (Strike Teams from other Fire Departments). This fire was reduced in size on Monday, and we were able to release the outside agency resources. By early Tuesday, we were able to commit five engine companies, one water tender, three chief officers, and three other overhead personnel to the fires in the Running Springs and Lake Arrowhead area. All of our resources were deployed and staffed through TeleStaff," stated Battalion Chief Dave Carrier.

Deputy Fire Chief Jeff Reeb of the Long Beach Fire Department states "TeleStaff has been extremely valuable this week. Deployment and return times among firefighters is impromptu, but TeleStaff allows us to track work hour variations on multiple strike teams at different times. As deployment teams roll out, personnel yet to be deployed are monitoring TeleStaff online. TeleStaff lets everyone know what our staffing needs are, and offers a high level or accountability."

Santa Clara County Fire Department is relying on TeleStaff to contact and staff higher numbers of personnel for the fires. "We normally staff ten spots each night on a regular basis, but on Monday night, October 22nd, we were actually staffing 76 spots. On Tuesday, we needed to contact all of our personnel to let them know we still had spots that still needed to be filled. We sent notifications to 170 firefighters and captains, and we were able to complete that in less than an hour and a half. We have eight phone lines that allow TeleStaff to contact our staff at their best contact number. If we didn't have TeleStaff, contacting the staff would have been done manually and would have taken much more time and resources to complete," stated Captain Jim Swanson.

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