New Rescue Tool Adapts to Virtually Any Task

Upland, CA, August 27, 2007 - Champion Rescue Tools, manufacturer of industry leading hydraulic rescue tools is proud to announce a new line of accessories for their best-selling BEAST Multi Tool. Like the original, interchangeable "O" Cutter and Spreader tips included with the BEAST, these new accessories can be attached to the BEAST in seconds by simply pulling the three tethered pins, lifting one head off, sliding the other on and replacing the pins. No tools are required.

The new attachments are designed to tackle many of the unique requirements presented by today's 5-star crash rated vehicles manufactured out of laminated metals, design deflection materials and reinforced posts including boron and other exotic metal inserts.

"Scores of firefighters have already learned from hands on experience that the BEAST is the most functional and powerful tool in the market," stated Alan Discount, President of Champion. "And now, with this new line of attachments, the BEAST is even more functional, creating even more distance between us and our competition."

By providing multiple tool attachments that work with a single tool body, rescue workers now have the versatility to handle any situation they encounter from boron reinforced cars at an MVA, to heavy framework and building structures in USAR applications and everything in between.

The new BEAST attachments released include:

  • Super aggressive double "O" cutter for extreme urban search and rescue applications
  • Cuts through thick steel framing and supports
  • Super wide notch aggressively grabs materials as reinforced blade cuts through
  • Piercing tips.
  • Extended length "O" cutter designed for reaching into tight spaces and grabbing/cutting obstructions
  • Wide, curved opening pulls material into center of blade for maximum cutting power
  • Perfect for cutting hinges and nader bolts when removing doors, as well as cutting through narrow door posts.
  • Serrated straight blade designed for slicing through plate and sheet metal
  • Curved notch grabs material and keeps it from sliding out of blade while cutting
  • Includes aggressive teeth on back edge for quick spreading without changing blades
  • "Saw Tooth" straight blade outperforms other plate cutters with curved notch to hold material securely as it slices.
  • Small, curved beak delivers the ultimate power for chomping through new types of super strong tubing such as boron, or solid stock.
  • Makes maximum power in the heart of the cut.
  • Small straight beak with serrated teeth makes quick work nibbling through plate and sheet metal
  • Top notch easily breaks solid bar, rebar and cables on the reverse stroke
  • Complete guillotine cutting head easily attaches by simply pulling 3 tethered pins
  • Safe cradle head keeps patients safe, even when cutting in close proximity
  • This extremely powerful and versatile cutting head with its unique guillotine design, generates intense cutting force with the maximum amount of safety. Will cut virtually all new car materials including reinforced posts.

Champion has also introduced a new mounting system to keep the new attachments secure and safe in transit to an accident scene.

Shad Patton, Regional Sales Manager of Champion added, "Now anyone can afford a complete set of tools since the BEAST and its attachments are low in cost and are offered in money saving bundles as well. This is a perfect solution for departments with limited budgets, tight space on their rigs, or in rural locations that make infrequent calls. Or anyone that wants to simply make a wise purchasing decision for that matter. A BEAST, power unit and a set of our new attachments does the work of 8 complete tools - at the price of what you might expect to pay for just one." The retail cost of the attachments ranges from $799 - 999 each, and the guillotine head retails for $1,999. And with Champion's overnight delivery and low cost blade exchange program, down time is virtually non-existent.

Patton continued, "At first glance you might put the BEAST in the same category as other 'combi' tools in the market - but that couldn't be any further from the truth. Our patented technology has turned the BEAST from a single use tool to an extremely flexible Multi Tool. Even if you could find similar functions/specifications in our competitor's offering (which you can't - the BEAST's power and opening size are unmatched in the marketplace), it would cost thousands of dollars more per installation to be able to accomplish what the BEAST can now do with a single tool."

"Our major competitor's have taken a different path, focusing almost all of their new product development and marketing efforts over the last few years on single line hoses," added Discount. "While that feature is novel, it does little to address the extrication requirements of today's new cars. What good is being able to change hoses quickly if the tool attached to the hose can't do the job? As you can see, at Champion we have decided to focus 100% of our efforts on meeting the needs in the field to get the job done," continued Discount. And besides - departments are finding that they can change the head on their BEAST faster than changing a hose, so the whole single line hose controversy is really a moot point."

Champion Rescue Tools, originally founded as Patton Hydraulics, Inc. in 1978, has built high quality cutters, spreaders, and numerous other specialty hydraulic tools for a variety of specialized applications and industries including numerous high profile customers such as Sandia National Laboratories, Saturn, GM, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Honda, Chrysler, Princeton University, Westinghouse, Savannah River, etc. Their most recent line of cutters, spreaders, rams, power units, pumps, valves and accessories built especially for the fire rescue market, can be seen on their website at . For sales literature, a DVD of their products in use, or to set up a live demo, contact Champion toll free at 1-888-396-2426.