General Dynamics Itronix Hits Market with Smallest, Lightest, Rugged Notebook Computer

Rugged from the ground up for field-deployed workers, the GoBook MR-1 delivers exceptional durability, performance, multi-wireless capability and outdoor screen clarity in a compact, game-changing form factor.

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - General Dynamics Itronix announced today a full-featured, fully rugged computer in the "ultra-mobile" category that is designed to meet the portability and durability needs of industrial, commercial, military and government customers. The GoBook MR-1 is a two-pound, fullfunction rugged notebook measuring 4.3 inches by 6 inches, allowing users to work on a portable, lightweight, reduced-footprint machine, with a superior outdoor viewable display, wherever duty takes them.

"We are seeing market interest in smaller, more portable devices that still have all the functionality of a full-fledged notebook," said David Daoud, research manager, United States Quarterly PC Tracker and Personal Systems, IDC. "The GoBook MR-1 is likely to find a receptive audience among the highly mobile workforce in segments such as government, utilities, communications, and field services in need of a fully functional PC in a ruggedized ultra-small form factor."

Mike DiBiase is vice president of computing technologies for General Dynamics C4 Systems. "This ultramobile notebook was developed with the needs of both defense and commercial users in mind," DiBiase said. "The development and successful launch speaks to the company's ability to address the rugged computing needs of customers in virtually all conditions and operating environments."

The 5.6-inch SVGA-W GoBook MR-1 runs with the full Windows XP Pro operating system (and Vista by the end of 2007), which helps to reduce training and support costs by providing users and IT management with a familiar interface. The GoBook MR-1 also features the new patent-pending DynaVue touchscreen display technology as an option. This innovative display technology, announced in May, provides dramatically improved outdoor screen viewability while optimizing battery life and processing power for ultra-mobile end users.

"The GoBook MR-1 new notebook form factor provides extreme portability and mobility, without sacrificing any of the features of a full-size rugged notebook, and best of all, it will also run on Vista utilizing the latest in today's technology," said John Ball, general manager, U.S. Systems Builder, Microsoft. "I am excited that a key manufacturer is delivering such innovation to users who require computing solutions in many extreme environments."

GoBook MR-1 Product Features
The GoBook MR-1 packs the capabilities of a full notebook computer into a clamshell notebook small enough to fit into a coat pocket. The GoBook MR-1 is as powerful and rugged as it is ergonomic and portable, sporting the lightest and smallest footprint of any rugged, ultra-mobile notebook. The GoBook MR-1 also provides the user multiple navigational input devices through a touchpad interface as well as a micro joystick for optimal flexibility in cursor navigation and selection.

The GoBook MR-1 is built with state of the art technology, giving it the power to leverage multi-threaded applications, graphics commonly found in field deployed workforce environments such as public safety and field service, or military, and boost overall speed and performance:

Built for fully rugged mobility, the GoBook MR-1 features:

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