New Products Released From Informed Publishing

Home Emergency Pocket Guide: Pocket-sized emergency response guide for the home puts critical information at your fingertips

Informed Publishing has just released the new Home Emergency Pocket Guide, a home reference tool you can use to prepare and protect yourself, your home, and your family. This pocket-sized guide provides instant access to critical information on emergency first aid, preparation and survival for storms, fires, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and more. Because we live in uncertain times, it also includes information on how to survive homeland attacks and acts of domestic and citizen terrorism. Designed to help you make decisions fast, this easy-to-use guide is organized by event type, with tabbed and color-coded sections.

The Home Emergency Pocket Guide is a handy reference tool you will want to keep in your kitchen, medicine cabinet, 72-hour kit and car. At only 3"x5", the guide fits easily in your pocket, is waterproof, alcohol-fast and tear-resistant. Having a copy within reach will ensure you respond in ways that increase your safety and security, and those you care about.

For more information call (888) 624 8014, email, or visit

Informed Digital Field Guides MDC Edition 2007: On-Board software helps first responders in stressful situations

Informed Publishing has just unveiled Informed Digital Field Guides MDC Edition 2007, a new piece of on-board software designed to reduce first responders' stress and improve their performance at the scene of an emergency. The Informed Digital Field Guides MDC Edition 2007 bundles Informed's library of popular law enforcement, fire/rescue and emergency medical field guides into a piece of software that operates on mobile computers in emergency response vehicles. The software uses an innovative new "tap browser" that lets first responders tap a touch-sensitive screen to access information. The program's customizable interface lets users assign buttons to the topics and issues they most frequently encounter, and oversized icons make needed information easy to find while operating the vehicle.

Informed Digital Field Guides MDC Edition 2007 is available by subscription, which includes support and regular updates, ensuring that first responders and their departments have the most updated methods, protocols and response checklists available. For more information, call (888) 624 8014, email, or visit